About Product: Şişecam Ultra Clear Laminated Glass is a laminated safety and security glass produced by Şişecam Flat Glass with low iron flat glass. Şişecam has a more transparent appearance than Laminated Glass and displays the objects displayed behind in real colors.

Colors and Patterns: Şişecam Ultra Clear Laminated Glass can be produced by using opaque PVB and ensures your privacy and safety without compromising daylight.

Areas of Use: Şişecam Ultra Clear Laminated Glass, which shows the objects exhibited behind them and provides a clearer image when viewed from the side section;

  • Showcase glazing,
  • Roof and ceiling glass
  • Windsurfing
  • Interior partition boards
  • It can be used wherever Şişecam Laminated Glass is used, especially in museums.


  • Thanks to its transparency, the objects exhibited behind it have a more vivid appearance.
  • Minimizes the risk of injury as a result of people crashing into the window.
  • Provides security against impacts from outside. Prevents / delays entry and exit in vehicles such as stones and sticks.
  • It contributes to sound insulation.
  • It prevents 97 to 9% of the transition of ultraviolet (UV) rays, which are the cause of fading in the colors of furniture and fabrics.

Technical specifications:

  • Şişecam Ultra Clear Laminated Glass is produced by combining two or more glass plates with the help of special binding polyvinylbutiral (PVB) layers under heat and pressure.TS EN 12600, TS EN 356 CE marking documents should be consulted to determine resistance to impact.


ultra clear lamine cam1

Şişecam Ultra Clear Laminated Glass has CE marking and is produced according to TS EN 12600 and TS EN 356 standards in internationally accredited laboratories as a requirement of related marking system.

Şişecam Ultra Clear Laminated Glass is produced according to TS EN ISO 12543 / 1-6 Glass - Structured - Laminated Glass and Laminated Safety Glass standard.

ultra clear lamine cam2

According to EN 12600, you can determine Şişecam ultra-clear laminated glass durability classes and the safety and security level you need in glass applications from the table next to it.