About the Product: Şişecam High Reflective Glass is the reflective solar control glass of Şişecam Flat Glass. Şişecam High Reflective Glass can be used as a single plate or in Isıcam Systems. Isıcam Systems S Series, created with Şişecam Low-E Glass, saves heating costs in addition to the solar control feature.

Areas of Use: Şişecam High Reflective Glass offers solutions to medium-sized commercial buildings and industrial structures that require visual integrity on the exterior.


  • It limits the entry of solar heat into the building, controls the excessive brightness of the sun, keeps the interior cool and reduces energy consumption.
  • Thanks to its reflective property and vision-spandrel harmony, it provides visual integrity in glass facade buildings.
  • It creates a mirror effect when viewed from the direction of light. For example, it provides a one-way image from the inside to the outside during the day, and from the outside to the night.
  • Tempering, partial tempering, enamel printing and laminated.

Technical Specifications: Şişecam High Reflective Glass is obtained by applying the silver colored reflective coating on the colorless glass in the smooth glass line on the overline vapor phase.


yuksek reflektif cam

" Daylight paket and “Solar Energy O values ​​were calculated in” TNO Science and Industry “- WIS 3.01 package program using spectral data measured in laboratory environment in accordance with EN 410 standard. The U value, which has a thermal conductivity coefficient, was calculated by WIS 3.01 program in accordance with EN 673 standard. The emissivity values ​​used in the U-value calculation were measured in accordance with EN 673 (Annex A) and EN 12898 in laboratory environment.

Daylight Permeability: The percentage of light passing through the glass through the glass.

Daylight Mirroring (Outer): This is the percentage of light reflected on the glass that is reflected back by the glass.

Solar Energy Total Permeability: It is the percentage of the total solar energy coming into the glass. Lower solar energy total permeability value means better solar control.

Shading Number of floors: The total permeability of solar energy is compared with 3 mm colorless glass. Lower shading coefficient means better solar control.

Heat Permeability Number of Floors: It is the criterion of thermal insulation in glasses. A lower U value means better heat insulation, less heating costs and more winter comfort.



  • The coated surface is used in the second surface. All solar control glasses have a risk of thermal breakage. For this reason, it is recommended to use Şişecam High Reflective Glasses with tempered or partial tempered.