About Product: Şişecam Colorless Flat glass is the basic product for all glass applications. Insulating glass unit, laminated glass, tempered glass, partial tempered glass, enamel painted glass, cambered glass, coated glass, mirror and painted glass can be produced by applying secondary operations to Kırişecam Colorless Flat Glass product. .

Usage Areas: Şişecam Colorless Flat glass, edge processing, bombing, tempering, partial tempering, lamination, coating, double glazing, mirroring, safety and security glass, heat control glasses, solar control glasses, noise control windows, heat and solar control Glasses can be used as decoration glasses.Thanks to the secondary technology, Şişecam Colorless Flat Glass is used in many sectors such as construction, decoration, automotive, white goods, agriculture and energy.

Flat Glass Production: Flat glass production with CFloat technology is carried out as follows: Glass blend, which is a mixture of certain properties and quantities of raw materials, especially sand, soda, limestone, is melted in the oven at about 1600 ° C. The glass melt is poured from the furnace to the molten tin pond at about 1100 ° C and the glass is floated on the tin to ensure that both sides are error-free and parallel to each other, at the same time the thickness of the glass and the width of the strip are formed.The temperature of the glass strip which is removed continuously from the tin pond is controlled in a controlled manner and the stresses within the glass are removed in the cooling section. Following this, the glass is cut into the desired size in the cutting line and collected in the package.

Float glass is the basic product in the use of glass for architectural and automotive purposes, and can be used as it exits from the production line and can be used after different processes such as lamination, tempering, coating, mirroring to improve its basic properties. In this way; In accordance with the need, heat and sound insulation is converted into a shock-resistant, safe and decorative material that provides solar control.


  • High quality thanks to production technology.
  • Thanks to its transparency it has high light transmittance.
  • Continuous and uninterrupted supply is available in different thicknesses and sizes.
Technical specifications:
  • Şişecam Flat Glass produces flat glass with high quality and float technology which is the world standard in the production of flat glass.
  • Flat glass (Float glass) is obtained by floating the glass melt on the molten tin.


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Tır Daylight paket and “Solar Energy O values ​​were calculated in” TNO Science and Industry “- WIS 3.01 package program using spectral data measured in laboratory environment in accordance with EN 410 standard. The U value, which has a thermal conductivity coefficient, was calculated by WIS 3.01 program in accordance with EN 673 standard. The emissivity values ​​used in the U-value calculation were measured in accordance with EN 673 (Annex A) and EN 12898 in laboratory environment.

Daylight Permeability: The percentage of light passing through the glass through the glass.

Daylight Reflection: This is the percentage of light reflected from the glass to be reflected back by the glass.

Solar Energy Total Permeability: It is the percentage of the total solar energy coming into the glass. Lower solar energy total permeability value means better solar control.

Shading Coefficient: The total permeability of solar energy is compared with 3 mm colorless glass. Lower shading coefficient means better solar control.

Heat Permeability Number of Floors: It is the criterion of thermal insulation in glasses. A lower U value means better thermal insulation, less heating costs and more winter comfort.