Ürün Hakkında : Şişecam Colored Flat Glass Şişecam Flat glass is the colored glass of the blend. It is obtained by adding colorants to the glass paste during production. Şişecam Color Flat Glass product can be produced with secondary processes such as insulating glass unit, laminated glass, tempered glass, partial tempered glass, enamel painted glass, curved glass, coated glass and mirror.

Renkler: Green, smoked, bronze, blue, turquoise and dark smoked colors are available.

Kullanım Alanları : Şişecam Colored Flat Glass is used in all buildings which require solar control, mainly in non-residential buildings with curtain wall. used in windows, parapets, wall fronts, roof lights and glass balconies. It is also used in decoration as table, coffee table, shelf, door, shower cabin and partition glass.

Avantajları : 

  • It offers a wide range of options to create aesthetic and elegant spaces for designers and users with different color alternatives.
  • When used on the exterior, it limits the entrance of the solar heat into the building, controls the excessive brightness of the sun, provides a comfortable working and living environment.
  • It reduces cooling energy consumption in air-conditioner environments and saves on cooling costs.

Ürün Hakkında Önemli Not

All solar control glasses have a risk of thermal breakage. Therefore, it is recommended that Şişecam Color Flat Glass be tempered or partially tempered. When laminated, all layers of laminated glass must be tempered or partially tempered against thermal breakage risks.


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Insulating glass values ​​in the side are 6 mm thick Şişecam High Reflective outer glass +12/16 mm intermediate space +6 mm thickness is given for Isıcam 's formed in the inner glass arrangement. Tır Daylight paket and “Solar Energy O values ​​were calculated in” TNO Science and Industry “- WIS 3.01 package program using spectral data measured in laboratory environment in accordance with EN 410 standard. The U value, which has a thermal conductivity coefficient, was calculated by WIS 3.01 program in accordance with EN 673 standard. The emissivity values ​​used in the U-value calculation were measured in accordance with EN 673 (Annex A) and EN 12898 in laboratory environment.

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Daylight Permeability: The percentage of light passing through the glass through the glass.

Daylight Mirroring (Outer): This is the percentage of light reflected on the glass that is reflected back by the glass.

Solar Energy Total Permeability: It is the percentage of the total solar energy coming into the glass. Lower solar energy total permeability value means better solar control.

Shading Coefficient: The total permeability of solar energy is compared with 3 mm colorless glass. Lower shading coefficient means better solar control.

Heat Permeability Number of Floors: It is the criterion of thermal insulation in glass. A lower U value means better thermal insulation, less heating costs and more winter comfort.