About the Product: Şişecam Acoustic Laminated Glass is the noise control glass of Şişecam Flat Glass. Specially developed to provide effective sound insulation in environments with high noise levels. It also has the safety feature of Şişecam Laminated Glass.

 Usage areas :
  • Vehicle traffic, airplane, train noise and the main street, highway side, wherever the car and horn noise is intense,
  • Activities in high concert courts, concerts,
  • In the meeting rooms,
  • In translation booths,
  • Office partitions
  • Şişecam Acoustic Laminated Glass can be used in factories.
Technical Properties: Şişecam Acoustic Laminated Glass is produced by combining two or more glass plates under heat and pressure with the help of special acoustic polyvinyl butyral (PVB) layers that provide sound insulation. Thanks to the PVB, acoustic laminated glass absorbs sound vibrations, thus allowing less noise to the opposite side. For effective sound insulation, similar measures must be taken in the structure, such as walls, roofs and joinery.


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Between Şişecam Laminated Glass and Şişecam Acoustic Laminated Glass, there is approximately 5 dB difference between Şişecam Colorless Flat Glass and Şişecam Acoustic Laminated Glass. Acoustic insulation corresponds to a 10dB = 50% noise reduction.

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The C, Ctr Spectrum adaptation values ​​assess the suitability of construction parts in relation to exposure to specific sounds. These correction factors, called C and Ctr spectrum adaptation values, reduce the Rw sound insulation dimension due to the noise generated by the component's EN table. A component having a value of Rw (C, Ctr) = 40 (-1, -5) has a 40dB insulation performance. For higher frequency noise sources, sound insulation is 1dB and 5dB for low frequency sources.

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