About the Product: Şişecam Telli Glass is the decorative glass which is obtained by putting the wire in the glass during the production of the glass of Şişecam Flat Glass.

Colors and Patterns: Şişecam Wire Glass is produced as colorless. There are 2 different alternatives including plain and Mandal pattern.

Areas of Use: Şişecam Telli Cam is suitable for indoor and outdoor use in residential and commercial buildings.

Main Uses: Windows, Furniture, Interior-Exterior Doors, Exhibition Shelves, Intermediate Compartments


  • When the wire is broken.
  • The wire mesh inside the window prevents the unwanted passage even when the glass is broken as well as its decorative appearance.
  • It allows light and privacy to live at the same time. - Adds new dimensions to living spaces.
  • It offers innovative solutions for interior and exterior design of designers and architects.

Teknik Özellikler: Wire glasses which do not contain a secondary process and are environmentally friendly with their raw materials and production technique: It is suitable for edge processing, lamination, double glazing processes.

The laminated stranded glasses are safety and safety glass. In the lamination application, the patterned surface of the wire glass should be facing outwards.