About product : Şişecam Painted Glass is the decorative glass obtained by applying flat glass gloss paint of Şişecam Flat Glass.

Renkler : Şişecam Painted Glass is manufactured in the following colors as standard. Different RAL colors can be produced upon request.

Usage areas : At home (Wall cladding, Sliding wardrobe, Kitchen / bathroom cupboard doors), In the office (Wall cladding, Intermediate partition glass, Cupboard doors), Stores and restaurants (Wall cladding, Intermediate partition glass, Cupboard doors)


  • Şişecam Painted Glass is an aesthetic solution which is used only in interior decoration and offers different options to the designer and the designer with seven different standard colors.
  • The paint used during painting is an environmentally friendly product because it does not contain any heavy metals and chemicals harmful to the environment.
  • If it is applied with safety film where safety is required, it is not dispersed and the risk of injury is eliminated.


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