About Product: Isıcam Sistemleri K Series is produced with Şişecam Solar Low-E Glasses with high quality heat and solar control coating. Provides maximum heat insulation and solar control in winter, reducing fuel, summer air conditioning costs. Isıcam Systems are produced by Isıcam Authorized Manufacturers who are regularly inspected by Şişecam Flat Glass.
Isıcam brand in production;
-Glass and side materials are used in appropriate quality and quantity ,
-It is the assurance that the production is carried out continuously under suitable conditions and using modern technologies.
Isıcam Systems is guaranteed by Isıcam Authorized Manufacturer for 10 years against production-related errors.

Usage areas :Used in commercial buildings with new built or repeating houses and solar control glasses.


  • By reducing heat losses by 50% compared to ordinary double glazing, it reduces fuel costs in the winter and 40% reduction in solar heat penetration.
  • It does not compromise transparency and natural daylight while providing heat and solar control.
  • It prevents window fronts from being cold in winter and hot in summer and delays condensation compared to ordinary double glazing. -In comparison to double-glazed windows, you will be able to return to Isıcam K in 1-2 years with savings from fuel and air conditioning costs.


K Serisi



Isıcam unit, which is produced by Şişecam Low-E Cam which provides heat control and safety and security by using Şişecam Laminated Glass, prevents the injuries that may occur by preventing the breakage of the glass in addition to saving the fuel costs.




 Isıcam unit, which is produced by Şişecam Low-E Cam which provides heat control and noise control by using Şişecam Acoustic Laminated Glass, has the safety and security feature of Şişecam Laminated Glass while reducing noise transitions by providing sound insulation in addition to the savings provided by fuel costs.




&nbspProduced using Şişecam Temperable Low-E Glass (heat-control coated glass) for safety. It is suitable for use as safety glass when it is broken into small and non-sharp parts and reduces the risk of injury. Fuel saving with maximum temperature control.





 It is a triple double glazing unit which provides maximum insulation. Provides 4 layers heat insulation according to ordinary double glass.