About product :Isıcam Frosted Glass, Isıcam Flat glass is a decorative glass with a face pattern. The glass melt is produced by passing one of the two metal rollers with pattern. Insulating Glass Float Glass, Turkey's first and only manufacturer of frosted glass.
addressed to a wide range of applications from classic to modern alternative is available in 15 different designs. Isıcam Frosted Glass pattern names; Puzzle, Gravel, Sprout, Point, Mat River, Rain, Crystal, Soil, Tangerine, Tulle, Square, Line, Pine, Honeycomb, Wicker.

Usage areas : 

  • Glass, which is one of the most natural materials in home and office designs, carries the glittering touches of the sun to the places where you live.
  • Frosted glasses produced for an aesthetic interior design reveal the elegance of living spaces.
  • It brings new ideas and creative designs to life. - It gives a feeling of light and spaciousness with its natural and transparent texture, especially in light and difficult areas.
  • It provides innovative solutions for interior and exterior design of designers and architects.
  • It allows for the realization of light and privacy at the same time. - Provides different levels of image control to suit your needs in every pattern, design or project.
  • It is subjected to lamination process and gains safety and security glass feature.
  • It can be used as tempered in places requiring safety.
  • Mirror applied to the patterned surfaces gain different visual features.

Technicial Specifications: The production of frosted glass is based on the fact that after the melted glass has reached the appropriate temperature and viscosity value in the furnace, it is passed through the two metal rollers which are poured out of the furnace and the desired thickness and pattern is gained during this process.

One of the two rollers, which are produced by flowing the glass melt between the patterned glass, is produced as a solar energy glass with low iron raw materials as well as for decorative purposes, and provides input to the solar energy systems (solar panels and solar collectors) sector. The texture determines the light and image transmittance of the frosted glass. Frosted glasses which do not involve a secondary process and are completely natural and environmentally friendly with their raw material and production technique :

  • Edge Processing - Laminating - Tempering - Bombe
  • Suitable for Double Glass Processes.

In the lamination application, the patterned surface of the frosted glass should face outwards. It should be used as tempered in places where safety is required. & Nbsp; Isıcam Frosted Glass, TS EN 572-5 Glass - Basic soda lime silicate glass products used in buildings - Part 5: Produced according to the patterned glass standard.

Image Control Values :  Each frosted glass pattern has its own unique image control value. We recommend you to check the image control values ​​of the frosted glass if you think that the patterned glass can be more suitable for your use.