About Product: Flotal Ultra Clear is the brand name of Şişecam Flat Glass's low iron flat glass mirror. It is a decorative material that illuminates the space with its high light reflectance feature and enlarges and enlarges.

Usage Areas: Flotal Ultra Clear is used to add depth and dimension in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, shops, sports and exhibition halls, kindergartens and interiors. It is suitable for use in areas where larger, spacious, deep, high and bright places are desired.

Technical specifications: The low-iron flat glass produced in Şişecam Flat Glass is converted to Flotal Ultra Clear using the most advanced technology in the world.Low-iron float glass is fully automatic production in the mirror line, washing, polishing, silver plating, copper coating with two layers of painting and drying stages passes through the Flotal Ultra Clear.
Flotal Ultra Clear, TS EN 1036-1 Glass - For use in buildings - mirrors made of silver-coated float glass for indoor use - are manufactured in accordance with Section 1.


  • It features a high light reflectivity and a deep, natural appearance.
  • It has a brighter image. Everything is seen in its own, natural color.
  • It illuminates the space by reflecting the sunlight and artificial light inside.
  • It brings aesthetics and refreshment to the areas where it is applied.